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Verso R SIGN

E3 / ST means a lighting fixture with a built-in battery to operate after a mains voltage failure for at least 3 hours of autonomy. Self-testing version in accordance with European standards for emergency lighting fixtures. An additional LED source signals the result of the last test.

Performance Data

Product codeLuminous flux (lm)Correlated color temperature (K)Color rendering index (CRI)Unified glare rating (UGR)Wired lighting controlIP CodeLuminaire shapeLength (mm)InfoAdd
EV-VRS10810325700>70N/Ahigh frequencyIP 40rectangular379
EV-VRS10810625700>70N/ADALIIP 40rectangular379
EV-VRS10736525700>70N/Ahigh frequencyIP 40rectangular379
EV-VRS10529325700>70N/Ahigh frequencyIP 40rectangular379
EV-VRS1052932570070N/Ahigh frequencyIP 40rectangular379
EV-VRS10810725700>70N/ADALIIP 40rectangular379
EV-VRS10811325700>70N/ADALIIP 40rectangular340
EV-VRS10810925700>70N/Ahigh frequencyIP 40rectangular340
EV-VRS10811225700>70N/Ahigh frequencyIP 40rectangular340
EV-VRS59015225700>70N/Ahigh frequencyIP 40rectangular340
EV-VRS10185925700>70N/Ahigh frequencyIP 40rectangular340