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The luminaire is intended for illuminating streets, passageways and parking lots. Body made of die-cast aluminum. Transparent tempered glass. The design of the fixture ensures proper heat dissipation and prevents leaves from settling. Thanks to its streamlined shape, it works well in dusty conditions, e.g. in a cement plant, by limiting dust deposition. Tool-free access to the luminaire. Mounting the luminaire directly on a pole or arm with a tip diameter of 48-60 mm based on the handle integrated with the luminaire. A specialized optical system based on lenses and a metalized plastic reflector. The design of the luminaire limits the emission of light into the upper half-space, which means it eliminates “cluttering” the sky with light. A special “breather” ensures that condensed water vapor is removed from the fixture and regulates the pressure in the fixture. High impact resistance IK08. The luminaire is made in protection class II. Simple connection of the luminaire thanks to the use of a terminal strip. The side surface of the luminaire not exceeding 0.06 m2 limits the force of wind pressure. The luminaire uses a light source and separate control equipment that cannot be replaced by the user.

Performance Data

Product codeLuminous flux (lm)Correlated color temperature (K)Color rendering index (CRI)Unified glare rating (UGR)Wired lighting controlIP CodeLuminaire shapeLength (mm)InfoAdd
EV-BOYEN 8 5500 HF 740 WBA5500400070N/Ahigh frequencyIP 66Special577
EV-BOYEN 8 5500 HF 757 WBA5500570070N/Ahigh frequencyIP 66Special577
EV-BOYEN 8 5500 HFDA 740 WBA5500400070N/Aanalog dimmingIP 66Special577
EV-BOYEN 8 5500 HFDA 757 WBA5500570070N/Aanalog dimmingIP 66Special577
EV-BOYEN MAXI 8 10800 HF 740 WBA10800400070N/Ahigh frequencyIP 66Special765
EV-BOYEN MAXI 8 10800 HF 757 WBA10800570070N/Ahigh frequencyIP 66Special765
EV-BOYEN MAXI 8 10800 HFDA 740 WBA10800400070N/Aanalog dimmingIP 66Special765
EV-BOYEN MAXI 8 10800 HFDA 757 WBA10800570070N/Aanalog dimmingIP 66Special765