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RACER is a slim LED floodlight for street and city lighting. The luminaire is designed to be mounted on poles with a pole top diameter of 48-60 mm. The housing of the RACER luminaire is made of die-cast aluminum and finished with polyester powder paint. The optical system consists of lens panels. The luminaire is supplied with a diffuser made of tempered safety glass. It is also equipped with a silicone gasket and all screws are made of stainless steel.

Performance Data

Product codeLuminous flux (lm)Correlated color temperature (K)Color rendering index (CRI)Unified glare rating (UGR)Wired lighting controlIP CodeLuminaire shapeLength (mm)InfoAdd
EV-RACER 13500 DALI 740 MBA13500400070N/ADALIIP 66Rectangular345
EV-RACER 13500 HF 740 MBA13500400070N/Ahigh frequencyIP 66Rectangular345
EV-RACER 14500 DALI 757 MBA14500570070N/ADALIIP 66Rectangular345
EV-RACER 14500 HF 757 MBA14500570070N/Ahigh frequencyIP 66Rectangular345
EV-RACER 20000 DALI 740 MBA20000400070N/ADALIIP 66Rectangular345
EV-RACER 20000 HF 740 MBA20000400070N/Ahigh frequencyIP 66Rectangular345
EV-RACER 21500 DALI 757 MBA21500570070N/ADALIIP 66Rectangular345
EV-RACER 21500 HF 757 MBA21500570070N/Ahigh frequencyIP 66Rectangular345
EV-RACER 25000 DALI 740 MBA25000400070N/ADALIIP 66Rectangular345