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For special tasks. High luminous flux and the appropriate dimensions of this luminaire make it perfect for lighting in spacious shopping center passages, railway station halls, foyers in museums and art galleries. Compact form – smooth sides with no recesses. A cover made of die-cast aluminum with no visible screws. The version with indirect light distribution is equipped with an opalized top diffuser. Optional separate lighting control for the direct and indirect light. Optics installed in the CLICK system. The length of the structure can be adapted to suit the lighting design. Access to (and replacement of) the power supply from the bottom of the luminaire. The smooth wire suspension spacing adjustment makes it possible to adapt the structure to the available installation possibilities. System accessories allow for the effortless creation of spatial structures. The luminaire can be manufactured in any RAL color. The luminaire is equipped with a light source and separate lighting control equipment that cannot be replaced by the user.

Performance Data

Product codeLuminous flux (lm)Correlated color temperature (K)Color rendering index (CRI)Unified glare rating (UGR)Wired lighting controlIP CodeLuminaire shapeLength (mm)InfoAdd
EV-FXX58924245004000>8021 - 26ON/OFFIP 20rectangular1519
EV-FXX58924130004000>8021 - 26ON/OFFIP 20rectangular1015
EV-FXX58925529003000>8021 - 26DALIIP 20rectangular1015
EV-FXX58923943003000>8021 - 26ON/OFFIP 20rectangular1519
EV-FXX58925643003000>8021 - 26DALIIP 20rectangular1519
EV-FXX58924057503000>8021 - 26ON/OFFIP 20rectangular2023
EV-FXX58924360004000>8021 - 26ON/OFFIP 20rectangular2023
EV-FXX58925757503000>8021 - 26DALIIP 20rectangular2023
EV-FXX58925830004000>8021 - 26DALIIP 20rectangular1015
EV-FXX58919339003000>8021 - 26ON/OFFIP 20rectangular1015
EV-FXX58928041004000>8021 - 26ON/OFFIP 20rectangular1015
EV-FXX58929439003000>8021 - 26DALIIP 20rectangular1015
EV-FXX58929561003000>8021 - 26DALIIP 20rectangular1519
EV-FXX58925945004000>8021 - 26DALIIP 20rectangular1519
EV-FXX58928164004000>8021 - 26ON/OFFIP 20rectangular1519
EV-FXX58929864004000>8021 - 26DALIIP 20rectangular1519
EV-FXX58926060004000>8021 - 26DALIIP 20rectangular2023
EV-FXX58927983003000>8021 - 26ON/OFFIP 20rectangular2023
EV-FXX58927983003000>8021 - 26ON/OFFIP20rectangular2023
EV-FXX58776129003000>8021 - 26ON/OFFIP 20rectangular1015
EV-FXX58928287004000>8021 - 26ON/OFFIP 20rectangular2023
EV-FXX58929683003000>8021 - 26DALIIP 20rectangular2023
EV-FXX58929987004000>8021 - 26DALIIP 20rectangular2023