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Modulaer ADV

Edgelit panel for direct recessed mount and surface or suspended mount with accessories With pre-installed connection cable and integrated plug For suspended ceiling grid measure of 600, 625 mm and 1,200 x 300 mm IK rating IK02 Product colour (frame) RAL 9003 Diffusor material standard article: PS, diffusor material TPA article (fullfills the TPA requirements): PS Lightguide material: PMMA HE … High Efficiency, NM … Nominal Mode, HO … High Output Orders only in full carton quantities. Long lifetime: 50,000 hours 5 years guarantee

Performance Data

Product codeLuminous flux (lm)Correlated color temperature (K)Color rendering index (CRI)Unified glare rating (UGR)Wired lighting controlIP CodeLuminaire shapeLength (mm)InfoAdd
EV-28003274600mA28813000>80< 19N/AIP 20N/A600
EV-28003275600mA30494,000>80< 19N/AIP 20N/A600
EV-28003276600mA30496,500>80< 19N/AIP 20N/A600
EV-28003283600mA28813,000>80< 19N/AIP 20N/A600
EV-28003284600mA30494,000>80< 19N/AIP 20N/A600
EV-28003279600mA28813,000>80< 19N/AIP 20N/A1200
EV-28003280600mA30494,000>80< 19N/AIP 20N/A1200
EV-28003281600mA30496,500>80< 19N/AIP 20N/A1200
EV-28003274800mA37993000>80< 19N/AIP 20N/A600
EV-28003275800mA40174,000>80< 19N/AIP 20N/A600
EV-28003276800mA40176,500>80< 19N/AIP 20N/A600
EV-28003283800mA37993,000>80< 19N/AIP 20N/A600
EV-28003284800mA40174,000>80< 19N/AIP 20N/A600
EV-28003279800mA37993,000>80< 19N/AIP 20N/A1200
EV-28003280800mA40174,000>80< 19N/AIP 20N/A1200
EV-28003281800mA40176,500>80< 19N/AIP 20N/A1200
EV-28003274900mA42133000>80< 19N/AIP 20N/A600
EV-28003275900mA44474,000>80< 19N/AIP 20N/A600
EV-28003276900mA44476,500>80< 19N/AIP 20N/A600